Avocado Super food salad
  • Avocado Super food salad


    Super food salad with edible flowers

    Ever eaten a salad and found yourself starving an hour later? While veggie- and greens-packed meals are great, sometimes no matter how high you stack your pile, salads just don’t do it. The solution you need is lots of’ protein with lots of  good oil and fats.



    • 386g 

    • Fat 18.4g 

    • Saturates 3.3g 

    • Sugars 11.3g 

    • Salt 0.7g 

    • Protein 11g 

    • Carbs 46.9g  

    • Fibre 5.3g 


    • carrots, Avocado
    •  beetroot, peeled and grated
    •  fennel bulb, very finely sliced
    •  mixed bean sprouts , 
    •  sultanas
    • sunflower seeds, toasted
    • Pumpkin seeds
    •  extra virgin olive oil
    •  coriander