Brockley Bean Cafe London SE4

In the 1980s the Follow your Bliss creator Lesley Wills found herself homeless along with her small daughter Jess 

so she rented a small shop and flat in a run down part of Brockley, and from there she help set up and run a small cafe and whole-food shop in South East London called “The Brockley Bean’. Within a very short time it became a place that people traveled to as it offered something different from the rest, it was a whole-food shop, a cafe, and it was run by the local community. Offering a friendly relaxed meeting space, community arts and crafts to buy, as well as fresh wholesome food at a price that was affordable.

The 'Beanies' as they were known by, then linked in with a Kent farmer, and there was born the first community box vegetable scheme in South East London. So successful was the cafe that the 'Independent,' news paper did a 1/4 page article on it, trending it as part of a new scene, rising out of community needs. Then wanting her own supply of fresh veg and having no garden, started to grow her vegetables on the outside of her building, And so was born the vertical veg and salad crops. Her make shift green house was an amazing site as people came out of Brockley railway station which was opposite the cafe. For 15 years it gave the people of Brockley great food, and of course something to talk about.

Full circle and now and after moving to North Wales in 1998

Lesley set up her own Bussness with a qualification in nutrition advising & helping people reach there goals in personal trainer & being a fabulous vegetarian vegan chief over 20 years Then become a Director of Follow Your Bliss Cafe in 2014.

Her daughter Jess following her mother’s steps

Setting up her own Bussness in 2014 become a Personal trainer & nutrition

She then started up from home in 2017 with "The Brockley Bean Box"

Where people could have there own individual made meals

for anyone that had no time to cook or support to that better nutrition

2 years on

Jessica has opened the 2nd part of her Bussness which is located in Wrexham

The Brockley Box

With the Meal preps of Individual meals are still made in her prep kitchen

From the most cosy vibe Cafe.

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